Sitting Down

Having just read an article about cutting your sitting time down by 90 minutes a day, I had better make this blog quick!

Unfortunately a lot of things I need to do today involve sitting in front of the PC. But perhaps I could stand up and type for a while instead.

Got washing up to do, dog to walk and lawn to mow so that’s all good healthy moving around standing up jobs but I also need to do an online shop.

According to the article in the Health and Fitness magazine it is suggested that we get up and go for a short walk every 20 minutes, stand up for three extra hours a day, increase the amount of time spent fidgeting (I can do that), reduce time spent sitting by 90 minutes every day and get up from your chair frequently. Not all of those things are easy if you are at a deskbound job.

So moving little and often, standing up whilst on the phone, walking to the water cooler/kitchen, walking to people’s desks rather than send an email – all these little things help. I always used to go for a walk lunch time which gave me fresh air, vitamin D, my brain a break and helped me relax.

So get away from those computers and move around – our bodies are not made for continued sitting!

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