This week I thought I would get back to my normal healthy style of eating because I have found over the winter that my portion sizes have started to grow again. I look at my plate of food and my husbands and I can’t tell the difference!

So what happened at the weekend? We won 5 boxes of chocolates – five!! I can take or leave chocolate but when it’s in the house I have to eat it. As of today we have 2 boxes left but now I’ve got the munches and the taste for chocolate again.

Don’t worry I thought, once they’ve gone back to normal eating – what did I buy today? A tin of cashew nuts. Nuts are good for you but not in the bulk I’ve just eaten them or the amount of salt they are covered in. What am I playing at?

Dinner tonight – Thai fishcakes and a Greek salad using black grapes instead of olives. It’s a start anyway. Perhaps next week…..

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